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IN MY HOUSE, There is always....jpeg
Amy Mimu Rubin
Wall Art, Jewelry, Dolls
"In my house there is always one more room that I have not yet entered, waiting for me."
                                                            Amy Mimu Rubin
I am a maker and so are you
power dressing with folk art scarf and f
closeup of bird brooch
What Bird Told Coyote

I am a maker, and so are you. And I talk to myself, do you?

I talk to myself in my art, my poetry, old hidden manuscripts, photography, jewelry, artwear, and dolls. Can you hear me?


My wish for this website is that you find something here that resonates and speaks to you, as together we experience the poetry of belonging to our world community and our community of makers.


The making spirit is one of the oldest and best of our human spirits. We carry it forth.


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